Square63 builds solutions for the Web, iOS and Android.


Ruby on Rails

Square63 was founded as a focused Ruby on Rails shop. Our team has used it on several web & mobile projects and loves the sheer agility the framework provides; For us, Rails is the right tool for the job


Drupal Development

We are simply fascinated to see how all the modules in a Drupal application fit together like Legos and create a system working in perfect harmony. It’s about power and flexibility!


Mobile Applications

Have a good idea for a mobile app? We can help you make it a reality. We can also make it work across multiple platforms enabling you to distribute your application to more people on more mobile devices.


Agile Project Management

Fast, lean and in constant collaboration, Agile methodologies let you see real progress quickly and allow us to adapt to your changing needs.



In concert with our clients we bring great applications to life

Focusing on user structure & simplicity, we minimize risk and increase your product’s success with quality code & quality humans.

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