Ruby on Rails web development has reached a specific growth since its inception from 2005. Some of the most popular web apps like Airbnb, Github, Slideshare and Basecamp, etc. are the outcome of Ruby on rails development. However, as technology always propagates with new changes and innovation, over the period Ruby on Rails web development encountered decline in its popularity when comparing with Php, Python, or other latest languages.

As a consequence, many web developers are skeptic about its existence in the future. So, no doubt, it becomes a viable question whether you should consider Ruby on rails development for your next website? Well, Ruby on Rails companies are still performing good, and moreover, enterprises like Airbnb and GitHub are continuously using it. Furthermore, cloud giant AWS added Ruby on rails for their serverless cloud computing solution Lambda, which proves Ruby on Rails as a stable language. 

Of course, the above data points do not justify whether selecting Ruby on Rails from the technology stack for your next business is the right choice or not. So here we have explained  why you should still consider Ruby on Rails in 2020 for developing a web application.

Ruby on rails development accelerates the speed and cut the cost

Ruby on Rails is a matured framework with a vast array of gems (libraries). This open source web development brought along a new software design paradigm which is Convention over configuration. This makes Ruby developers’ life easy by eliminating the need to write boilerplate code. Besides, it propagated the use of the MVC pattern and best practices like the DRY principle. By its Convention over configuration mechanism, it leverages maximum code productivity. Thus a Rails programmer gets many things already configured, which makes them concentrate on the programming part that matters instead of spending time on writing lines of code.So, with a tight budget and deadline, Ruby on Rails comes as an excellent choice.

An excellent choice for start-ups and presenting proof of concept

Ruby on Rails developer needs considerable amount (almost 30-40%) of  less time to program an application comparing other frameworks. No doubt, it is an excellent advantage for start-ups. Besides, if you require delivering proof-of-concept solutions within a short period, then Ruby apps work as a prototyping tool. This is a benefit for large-scale projects. Additionally, it is an open-source, so it is an excellent cost-saving option for start-ups. 

Ruby on rails web development for e-Commerce brings many advantages

In the era of e-Commerce, most of the websites need some extra features as well as marketing potential which Ruby apps fulfill in an excellent way. Rails programmer can build a cost-efficient e-commerce website using an extensive RubyGems library. Besides, with its simple, easily understandable programming language, the entire development process becomes more straightforward. This, in turn, helps the Ruby developers to build and launch the website as soon as possible with comprehensive and optimized features. Additionally, while building an e-commerce website, it is necessary to have a complete package of tools available within the framework which Ruby includes in it. Some of the popular tools it includes are Solidus, Sharetribe, Spree e-commerce, Ror-e, etc. which easily integrate an e-commerce site with CMS, etc.

Ruby on Rails provides your site added security

Ruby on Rails offers you a formidable option to build websites with built-in protection against various types of attacks, such as CSRF, XSS, and SQL Injection. In addition to that, continuous security patches are updated in it to make it one of the safest development environment. This is extremely useful for e-commerce websites where considerable amount of financial transactions happen every day. 

Incredible community support

Rails has some of the most passionate and skilled Ruby on Rails developer communities of any development language. These Ruby developers are dedicated to keeping their work clean and up to date. The rails programmer community is one of the largest and widely supportive communities. So, you can expect a quick fix of error and solutions to any bug. Besides, these communities provide numerous gems that you can integrate into your Ruby apps.

Consistent evolution

Ruby on Rails has seen a consistent evolution and not rapid growth. Although it is considered one of the best things that happen in the coding world, Ruby on Rails has some performance issues due to some of its essential characteristics. However, the upcoming release in 2020, which is Ruby 3 will introduce several improvements. As a result, we can expect much faster Ruby in action. 

Rails has a better contribution than Python

Python, one of the most used competitors in the market use framework like Django l, which has very few contributors. Here contributors mean libraries. On the contrary, Ruby on Rails community supports a considerable number of gems, many of which are reusable and solves real-time problems.

Rails programmer means an expert coder

It is a proven fact that unless someone has a couple of years of coding experience, he or she cannot grasp Ruby on Rails development. Thus it is not the first port of call for a beginner web developer. Of course, there is an exception in every field, but in this case, it is evident that a Ruby on Rails developer knows the best methodology and coding best practices. So, you can expect expert hands behind the curtain. 

 Ruby on Rails job demand is still high

Though there is a myth that Ruby on Rails is dying but if we look into survey data on job portals, then it still comes among the first 20 most demanded programming languages. No doubt, it has good marketing potential for Ruby on Rails developers.

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Why Ruby is slowing down?

Ruby applications are still a viable solution. But of course, there is a slight decrease in its popularity. A few reasons are working behind it. For example:

  • As lots of Ruby gems (libraries and techniques) are already in place, maybe there is no need to create the new ones.
  • Many new languages and frameworks have taken their places in the market that address particular applications/solutions, which seems a highly competitive scenario for Ruby. For example, new concepts like AI/ML extensively use Machine learning algorithms, and libraries. And these are the new hypes today. Ruby cannot compete with them. In a nutshell, Ruby is not a one-size-fits-all solution in the present scenario.

Few tips when choosing Ruby on Rails companies for your next project

Ruby on Rails companies are everywhere. However, successful project delivery depends on many factors. Here are three key factors that you should look for while choosing a Ruby on Rails Company:

  • Proven track record
  • Location
  • Cost estimation


To conclude, if you wish to be a Ruby programmer, definitely your next learning venture will show you how fast you can run it and develop a web solution with Ruby applications. With this open-source, object-oriented programming language, you can get the essence of RAD (Rapid application development) as a web developer which of course will pace you up with the need for 2020 website development. Besides, you will learn front-end and back-end development at a time. And for the companies whether it is start-up or enterprise, we have mentioned how Ruby on Rails web development can help you to deliver an efficient website within time and budget. So, we should definitely consider Ruby on Rails in 2020 despite all myths.