Square63 is one of the Best Ruby on Rails Developers in the world – Announced TopDeveloprs.co!

August 15, 2019 - 4 minutes read

Square63 has been honored with another accolade! We have been declared as one of the top Ruby on Rails development companies in a press release published by TopDevelopers.co, a well-recognized directory of IT service providers.

One of the most happening frameworks, Ruby on Rails, has quickly caught on the imagination of the Developer community. Silicon Valley has taken to Ruby on Rails like fish to water. Maybe this is the reason why many successful startups like Airbnb, Shopify, Etsy and Github in recent years have been built on Ruby on Rails. With Ruby on Rails, the developers have the benefit of integrating features like security, debugging, and content management, easily via freely available ‘gems’. 

These gems are plugins created by a large developer community that helps each other out in solving problems associated with development. The structured format of Ruby on Rails helps developers in identifying the bugs and thus speeding up the process of development, reducing the time to market for the app.  Our noticeable expertise in Ruby on Rails development has reserved a position for us in the list leading Ruby on Rails developers.

Don’t re-invent the wheel

Simplicity over complexity

Staying up-to-date with evolving technological trends 

Utilize frameworks effectively and write clean code

Square63 was born with a vision of building one of the best IT service providers in the world. We have cultivated a nimble work culture.  Our practices mentioned below help us in achieving this work culture.

We offer a range of services like Mobile app development, Web development, UI/UX designing services apart from Ruby on Rails development.

When Audiosocket wanted to create a web platform for music licensing, the first name that came to their minds was Square63. They got in touch with us to build a platform for which must resonate with their mission statement. Audiosocket is a highly popular application in the domain of music licensing that allows artists to showcase their skills by uploading their work and allows users to buy licenses for selected tracks so that they can be legally used in their creations. It also allows the managers to add tags and other metadata to tracks that help us in classifying tracks.

The scope of work that Square63 has done on Audiosocket involves changes in the legacy application and adding subscriptions service to the platform. The best aspect of working on this project is the diversity of the stack as it cconsists of Ruby on Rails, React.JS, GraphQL (client and server side), Backbone.js, Sinatra and CoffeeScript

Like Audiosocket, we have helped companies from various industries like-pharmaceuticals, non-profits, e-commerce, religious institutions, fitness, sports, and arts. We have gained a lot of experience in the process of working with such a diverse clientele. This experience has helped us in understanding the nuances of every business, hence enabling us to craft customized solutions according to the requirements of the business. Have a look at our portfolioit will help you in knowing our capabilities.

Square63’s profile on TopDevelopers.co is an apt place to know about how we have managed to keep a balance in our service approach, industry focus and client focus. This is the key to our success.