Client's success at the forefront

Our approach is atypical for a boutique shop, however we have found it to be remarkably successful for continually beating the industry’s track record for project delivery and return on investment. Our goal is not to just deliver on time, on budget and on scope but to craft a custom solution around you and your users’ needs that drives unparalleled returns through proper strategic alignment and continual innovation. 

Rock Solid Flexibility

We also offer a various different consulting, training, website and online marketing jumpstart packages for those who desire to progressively explore result driven web strategies and tools. These services are ideal for people that want to leverage Square63’s experience to blueprint more strategic solutions, fast track standard project deployments, or accelerate internal resources.    

Quality & Agility

We have been trusted to build some of the world’s most prestigious brands like AFB, Jotun DXB and Content-Tools, but we are not all about big brands. We have scaled leading enterprise principles down to a select list of progressive minded mid-sized organizations and startups. We're a perfect fit for critical, strategic projects that need innovative ideas and a highly experienced team to execute them – regardless of the size of organization.

We are a bunch of lively tech savvys yet a perfect mix of cultures and perspectives allied by a desire to continue delivering the best quality apps ever to the pleased clients. As we believe that the customer experience is the next competitive battleground

Practices & Culture

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

We use open source where possible after carrying out due diligence to ensure robustness and sanity e.g we use Devise, CanCan, JQuery, UJS, RSpec to ensure we hit the road running. We've worked extensively with jQuery plugins & worked on integrating with third-party applications through REST & SOAP API's on several projects.

Favor simplicity over complexity

If the solution looks too complex, we don't rest until we've simplified it. This is not to say we don't build solutions for complex problems, just that we don't make solutions anymore complex than they absolutely need to be. This ensures code is readable, extendible and in the long term cost effective by being manageable.

Up to date

We keep up to date on trends and conventions happening in the web world. We know what features are in vogue and what are out, and can help in ensuring your web application looks professional.  Responsive Design, Usability testing are just the tip of the iceberg.

Utilising frameworks effectively

This means not writing spaghetti code. We don't monkey patch unless the walls are caving in and we have no option. We do daily peer code reviews and regular all hands code review. We write code so it can reviewed and appreciated in addition to the end user experience.

Check out our fancy new office

We love what we do and our work place is full of exciting & fun spaces. We believe this makes our employees more productive and they respond in the most creative of the ways

Some awesome companies we've had the pleasure to work with